Delta Kappa Sigma was founded at San Francisco State University on April 25, 2005 by four friends. When Delta Kappa Sigma was founded, it was only an interest group. Through hard work and perseverance, DKS was approved as a bona fide sorority on February 21, 2008. As a local sorority, it is committed to being a valued member of the community. Its many philanthropies show its love of the city.

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Delta Kappa Sigma aims to provide an environment that supports its members in their academic, professional, and social endeavors. We hope to help our sisters recognize their individual potential through community service, leadership opportunities, and social activities. We prize, uniqueness, individuality, and diversity.  Above all, we hope to encourage extensive civic participation in order to better others and ourselves


Our Crest


Delta Kappa Sigma prizes academic excellence, hosting weekly study nights, and consistently maintaining over a 3.0 GPA average.  More impressively, nearly 80 percent of our sisterhood is on the Dean’s List.

Our strong commitment to community service is a major factor in our organization. We have donated both our time and goods to various groups, including Mental Health America, our designated philanthropic institution.

We see in our sisters a desire to help, a desire to achieve, and a desire to excel beyond the norm in a manner that improves the lives of those whose path they cross.


Greek Life

Since our conception, we have worked hard to provide opportunities for women at San Francisco State University to network with other students and develop ties with the campus. Because San Francisco State is a commuter school, some people find it difficult to make true connections with other students.
Taking an active role in the Greek system helps students to develop a support structure that will ensure not only a greater college academic success, but strengthen their college experience as a whole.