Our founders created this organization with Philanthropy as the primary focus, and we continue to uphold these values today. The sisterhood is constantly researching new ways to dedicate our time within the San
Francisco Community.
We have donated both our time and goods to the San Francisco Food Bank, raised funds for the Women Foundation Breast Cancer Walk, volunteered
in the San Francisco Kidney Walk, built homes with Habitat for Humanity, Volunteered in the San Francisco AIDS Walk, donated formal dresses and accessories to the Princess Project, and donated 28 large garbage bags of clothing to Goodwill.

Additionally, we participated in Relay for Life for the third year, coming
in second place at $3,068 for funds raised for the American Cancer

Our sorority has also donated $500.00 to Mental Health America, our designated philanthropic institution. As a growing number of women face severe mental health issues, especially in college years, the women of Delta Kappa Sigma feel it is important that all women receive the support and
care they need.


As the foundation to our fabulous organization, Sisterhood is
highly valued. Building an incredible bond within the Sisterhood is
the first step in achieving significant goals as a whole.
Delta Kappa Sigma takes such pride in our strong sisterhood. After
all, it is the core to our unity. Each semester, we dedicate a great
deal to building upon our strong bond.
Our Sisterhoods include everything from sleepovers, movie nights,
road trips, weekly lunches, beach days, attending sports events,
holiday dinners, and so much more!


Our Fundraising events are incredibly important in keeping Delta Kappa Sigma the wonderful organization it is today. Due to our small size, and our traditional goal to keep member dues low and affordable, fundraisers are essential.
The women of Delta Kappa Sigma have continued to utilize their creative spark in raising funds for the organization. Additionally,
we were able to donate $500 to our designated philanthropic institution, Mental Health America, and our contributions are always growing!
Our past and current fundraisers include working at SF Giants Games, Club Events, Adina Coffee & Tea Sponsorship, Cash for Clothes Drive, and Fundraisers at Chevy's, Jamba Juice, and Hot Dog on a Stick.


As the perfect way to form bonds with other Fraternities and Sororities, socials keep the Greek community connected.
Our sisterhood aims to form strong bonds within our Greek community. We value all other organizations and the amazing things they have to offer, and we promote good relations with every Greek, regardless of the organization they belong to
Social Events have led to incredible friendships, as well as other involvement opportunities on and off campus. Our sisters have even found their big brothers through Social Events!
Some of our past socials include Golden Gate Park Barbecues, Santa Cruz road trips, countless themed parties, trips to the beach, and so much more!